Do not pay up-front fees!

Loan Modification and Short Sale Companies are not authorized to charge up-front fees without an advanced fee agreement approved by the BRE.


SDHS does not

charge up-front fees.


Loan Modification fee is charged after modification is completed to the client’s approval.

Short Sale fee is paid for by the lender or buyer.


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The more information you can provide, the more specific the solutions we can offer.

In the comments section please expand on:

- Give some details about your hardship you would be sharing with lender(s)

- Other assets you have: 401k, savings, second homes, rental property, equity, etc.

- Breakdown of income (gross and net) and expenses


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All information provided is kept strictly confidential and never sold or distributed per Legal Notice.

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As noted above the best way to contact us if you want a free evaluation is to fill out the above form.  Otherwise, you can contact us by mail or email as follows:


Chris Mackey

Real Estate License #: 01352399

The Local Realty Inc.

Real Estate Broker # 01896291

9460 Mira Mesa Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92126


Mailing Address:

San Diego Housing Solutions

3639 Midway Dr # B-165

San Diego, CA 92110


By E-mail: info@sdhs.com

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