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Do not pay up-front fees! Loan Modification and Short Sale Companies are not authorized to charge up-front fees without an advanced fee agreement approved by the BRE.


SDHS does not

charge up-front fees.


Loan Modification fee is charged after modification is completed to the client’s approval.

Short Sale fee is paid for by the lender or buyer.


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Welcome to San Diego Housing Solutions!

"We are a local company, with nationally proven results" - Chris Mackey, President, SDHS

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How does it work? How do I get a free written recommendation?


  1. Go through our Property Matrix and compare your current situation to where you want to be.
  2. Read through the various options and the market update / forecast (at least main points).
  3. Compare your current situation to that of where the real estate market is heading then choose your path.

Then fill out the Free Evaluation Form on the contact page or any of the information pages for your free evaluation.

You will be provided a free analysis of your situation. Based on your stated wishes, you will be given a written recommendation, which will include specific instructions on a course of action we can provide, or referrals to other specialists.


Property Solution Matrix

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Condo Single Family Detached Luxury Home MultiFamily Commercial Property spacer
Do you wish to keep the property? spacer
Yes points to Loan Mod/Legal spacer
No points to Short Sale/Foreclosure spacer
  • Loan Modification
    • Summary
      • If you want to keep your home, you can document your income, and don’t mind owing possibly more on your loan balance than the property is worth, a loan modification may be right for you.

        Loan Modification is available to those who can document that their current income is sufficient to modify the loan to terms acceptable to lender. Most loan modifications are interest rate reductions, longer terms, waive fees, place missed payments on ‘back of loan’ and occasionally principle reductions. When principle reductions are allowed, programs require the owners to share future appreciation with that government entity and require IRS verification of current and initially stated income (no ‘liar loans’).

    • To Qualify
        1. You must have verifiable income
        2. Most government sponsored programs require IRS verification of income (both new and old loan)
        3. All modification programs have strict loan to value guidelines
        4. Borrower usually must agree to share future appreciation with modifying agency.
    • Cost
      • - No up front cost to homeowner.

        - Homeowner only pays fee AFTER an acceptable modification has been negotiated.

        - Fee will depend on how many mortgages must be modified, price of home, and complexity of modification.

        - Typical modification cost is one month of your current monthly payment.

    • Details
      • Through the various government programs for housing and financial stability like Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan and Making Home Affordable, guidelines were established to modify the loans for millions of struggling Americans. However, the reality is that these programs have assisted only a small fraction of that number...

    • Free Consultation
  • Legal
    • Summary
      • If you want to keep the property but do not currently qualify for a loan modification then you can:

        1. File for bankruptcy protection (automatically stalls the foreclosure)
        2. Sue the lender for a technical RESPA violation (does NOT automatically stop the foreclosure)
        3. Sue the lender for predatory lending (does NOT automatically stop the foreclosure)


        Filing a bankruptcy automatically stalls the foreclosure process until the bankruptcy is discharged, but the lender can petition for a ‘relief from stay’ so they can continue foreclosure.

    • To Qualify
        1. Bankruptcy: Funds to pay attorney ($ 2,000 to $ 5,000) and:
          1. Not previously filed a Chapter 7 more than eight years & Chapter 13 two years
          2. Must meet local income and asset qualifications
          3. Be willing to have BK on your credit report for: Ch 7 = 10 years Ch 13 = 7 years.
          4. Not eligible for a conforming loan for 4 years.
        2. Law Suit: Attorney retainer of usually $ 3,000 to $ 10,000
          1. Many attorneys require you to pay a loan auditing company 500 – 1,000 to review your loan documents for technical error before they will accept your case.
          2. Does not automatically stop foreclosure process
          3. Can take a long time and many lenders aggressively fighting these cases
          4. No refund of attorney fee if you lose.
    • Cost
      • - Cost will vary by attorney and complexity of case.

        - Bankruptcy cost range: $ 2,000 to $ 5,000

        - Legal Solution Retainer Fee range: $ 3,000 to $ 10,000

        - Cost will vary greatly depending on experience, track record, and attorney client load.

    • Details
      • Entities seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code may file a petition for relief under a number of different chapters of the Code, depending on circumstances. Title 11 contains nine chapters, six of which provide for the filing a petition. The other three chapters provide rules to govern those petitions. Bankruptcy cases are typically referred to by the chapter under which the petition is filed.

    • Free Consultation
  • Short Sale
    • Summary
      • For those who can’t or do not want to keep the property and want to avoid foreclosure:


        1. Short Sale is when lender agrees to accept less than full loan balance to sell property
        2. Anyone with a ‘qualifying hardship’ can likely be helped by a short sale
        3. Hardship = loan adjusting up, loss of income, medical, divorce, death, departure
        4. Credit Score: Short Sale less damaging than foreclosure (generally 100 vs. 200 drop)
        5. Allows for earlier market re-entry 2 years vs. 4 years for BK and 5 years for foreclosure.
        6. The government likes short sales!  Federal tax code and lending criteria benefit the short seller
        7. A short sale is a win-win-win for all parties involved!
    • To Qualify
        1. Property Type: Residential, Investment, Multi-Family, Commercial and Land
          1. Property can be either a personal residence or investment property
          2. Commercial Property and Multi-Family units can be ‘short sold’ too
          3. Unfinished construction, Lots and Improved / Unimproved land is eligible
        1. Who benefits the most? ‘Refi money’, over 100k 2nd’s and 700K plus loans.
          1. California is a ‘no-deficiency’ state for ‘purchase money’ residences only therefore anyone who ‘refinanced’ and has a second loan (heloc or conventional) the lender can collect on their loss on that loan after a foreclosure sale...
    • Cost
      • - No cost to homeowner

        - Homes are sold in ‘as is’ condition, with no repair credits paid by seller.

        - Lender pays for real estate commissions, past taxes, and certain other items.

        - All parties sign document acknowledging lender will reduce loan balances to cover costs and fees.

    • Details
      • Short Sale:  A short sale is a negotiated settlement with the lender(s) that result in a written agreement giving: a release of the lien so the property can be sold, breakdown of costs, and stating how the outstanding balance will be handled...

    • Free Consultation





Criminals and scam artists are preying on those in financial distress.


As of July 01, 2009, all websites offering real estate services are to post their associated real estate licenses and/or brokerage association.


If you visit a website that is not posting their license, they are either in violation of BRE - California Bureau of Real Estate rule or are not a licensed entity.


You can look up a licensee or brokerage at the following link:

Our license number is: 01352399


Be sure to check and see if licensee / brokerage have disciplinary actions or other public comments.


Federal Government Assistance Programs

The Federal Government has established programs and lender guidelines to help distressed homeowners with load modifications, short sales, and refinancing.


Presidential Seal

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

Making Home Affordable



We are in the deepest housing crisis since the Great Depression, and we need innovative and practical solutions to our housing challenges.





At San Diego Housing Solutions we know the answers and are here to solve your problems!


We provide a team approach with innovate solutions and proven methods to meet your goals. 


Through our contacts and connections with lenders, service professionals and government organizations, we know the current programs available and how to match them with your needs.



US/CA Housing Legislation Fact Sheet

Team Approach Flow Chart


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San Diego Housing Solutions serves all of San Diego County, including the following cities and communities:

North County Coastal San Diego
Cardiff by the Sea 92007, Carlsbad 92008, 92009, 92010, 92011, Carmel Valley 92130, Del Mar 92014, Encinitas 92024, Oceanside 92054, 92056, 92057, Solana Beach 92075

North County Inland San Diego
Poway 92064, Mira Mesa 92126, 4S Ranch 92127, Rancho Bernardo 92127,Carmel Mountain Ranch 92128, Rancho Penasquitos 92129, Scripps Ranch 92131, Escondido 92025, 92026 92027, 92029, Bonsall 92003, Fallbrook 92028, Ramona 92065, Rancho Santa Fe 92067, 92069, San Marcos 92069, 92078, Valley Center 92082, Vista 92081, 92082, 92083, 92084

Central Coastal San Diego
Bay Park 92110, Clairemont Mesa 92111, Clairemont 92117, Coronado 92118, Downtown San Diego 92101, Serra Mesa 92123, Tierrasanta 92124, La Jolla 92037, Ocean Beach 92107, Old Town 92110, Pacific Beach 92109, Mission Beach 92109, Point Loma 92106, Sorrento Valley 92121, University City 92122

East County San Diego
Alpine 91901, El Cajon 92019, 91920, 92021, Jamul 91935, Julian 92036, Borrego Springs 92004, La Mesa 91941, 91942, Lakeside 92040, Lemon Grove 91945, Pine Valley 91962, Rancho San Diego 91978, Santee 92071, Spring Valley 91977

South Bay San Diego
Bonita 91902,Chula Vista 91910, 91911, Eastlake 91913, 91914, 91915, Imperial Beach 91932, National City 91950, Otay Mesa 92154, Otay Ranch, 91913, 91915, Paradise Hills 92139, Rolling Hills Ranch 91914, San Miguel Ranch 91914, San Ysidro 92173, Sunbow 91911

Central Inland San Diego
South Park 92102, Mission Hills 92103, North Park 92104, City Heights 92105, East San Diego 92105, Mission Valley 92108, Linda Vista 92111, Logan heights 92113, Encanto 92114, College Grove 92115, Normal Heights 92116, Clairemont Mesa 92117, San Carlos 92119, Allied Gardens 92120, Del Cerro 92120.

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